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Causes and Treatment of Constant Dry Throat

Having constant dry throat can be irritating especially if it is a chronic condition.  It can disrupt a person’s sleep, depriving him of his much needed rest and leaving him tired the next day.  Imagine having to deal with this problem for a long time.  Of course, there are many possible causes of dry throat.  If the problem is chronic, a person may have to work with his healthcare provider in order to pinpoint exactly where the problem lies.  You can also try various dry throat treatments at home to see if it can be remedied without having to visit the doctor.

A lot of people complain of constant dry throat.  Some feels that nothing they do relieve the dryness or scratchiness.  Not surprisingly, they compensate through constant throat clearing which further aggravates the condition.

Dry Throat Causes

Usually, there is an underlying medical condition that makes the throat constantly dry.  Chronic cough dries up the throat.  Laryngitis also does the same.  Cigarette smoking does not only dry up the throat, but it also triggers dry throat cough.  Allergies can trigger the condition as well.  Regularly inhaling harsh chemical can also lead to constant dry throat.  There are some medical conditions that cause dryness as well.  GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease is one of the major culprits. This causes the person suffering from it to regurgitate food.  This creates acid regurgitation as well; thus, it disrupts the body’s function.  It causes chronic dry throat and heartburn.

How to Sooth Dry Throat

People who complain of constant dry throat should know what causes the condition.  If it is caused by an underlying medical problem, this problem should be treated and all its symptoms will be treated as well.  Inhaling harsh chemicals and cigarette smoke frequently results to scratchy dry throat.  People who complain that their throat is dry should also make sure that the problem is not caused by bacteria or virus.  This is why if the dryness is associated with chronic cough, it is best to have the throat checked by the doctor to narrow down the cause and determine necessary treatment plan.  Sleep apnea is one of the major causes of throat dryness.  There are various treatment options available to people suffering from this condition.  One can opt to undergo a surgery procedure or use a mouthpiece to help with the problem.

If the cause of the constant dry throat is allergies, one may have a little difficulty avoiding possible allergens like pollens or dust.  There are some home remedies one can resort to for treatment.  For instance, drinking plenty of fluids will help relieve the dryness a little.  During allergy seasons, it is a good idea to have an antihistamine at hand in order to prevent allergy attacks and the resulting dry throat.

A constant dry throat is a fairly good indication that there is something wrong.  A person suffering from this condition should definitely have this problem checked in order to see if there is any underlying serious medical reason.  GERD, for one, can cause serious damage to the throat.  Coughing with throat dryness indicate emphysema or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).  It is best to schedule an appointment with a trusted healthcare provider to get this condition checked.

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