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Soothing Dry Throat during Pregnancy

Is dry throat a sign of pregnancy?  Dry throat during pregnancy is fairly common.  Yes, this could be a sign of pregnancy.  Many women complain of dry mouth and throat while pregnant.  Fluctuations in hormones could result to persistent dry throat.  This could also result to other symptoms including bleeding gums, puffy gums or excessive secretion of saliva.  These symptoms along with pregnancy dry throat are normal.  They can be a nuisance, but they are not harmful or scary.  There are some things that pregnant women can do in order to relieve these symptoms.

Relieving Dry Throat Pregnancy Symptom

If you are suffering from sore dry throat, then you will likely be happy to know that there are remedies to your problem.  What causes dry throat in your case is your hormones.  Although there are many symptoms during pregnancy, this is one of the most common symptoms.  Here are a few tips on how to restore moisture in your throat.

Liquids and lozenges.  Herbal teas are perfect for relieving dry throat in pregnancy.  There are many stores that offer natural herbal teas.  Be very careful about drinking tea because pregnant women are generally advised not to drink tea, so look for a store that offers natural and healthy options.  You can drink add honey and lemon in your tea for flavor.  You can choose to chew sugarless gums or mints.  You can also suck on lozenges.  These are fairly good remedies for your problem.

Humidifiers.  Dry throat symptoms are worse in winter because of the dry air.  Installing a humidifier in your bedroom will help moisten the air and relieve the problem.  Of course, if your symptoms are largely due to imbalance hormones, then your humidifier will not treat the problem.  It will only help provide a little relief.  Consuming half gallon of water every day will help relieve dry throat pregnancy symptom.

Changing sleep positions.  Most pregnant women experience having dry throat at night.  Changing your sleeping habit will help with this problem.  Due to weight gain and congestion, many women find themselves snoring during their pregnancy.  This habit can lead to dry throat during pregnancy.  Changing one’s habits will help relieve the problem or employing equipments that can help with the snoring will definitely help treat the problem.

There are many different kinds of dry throat symptoms.  However, if your symptom is associated with pregnancy, you should know how to relieve yourself of dry throat during pregnancy.

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