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What are the Different Dry Throat Symptoms?

Dry throat
symptoms vary depending on the cause of the condition.  The simpler the cause of the condition the lesser are the number of symptoms.  The symptoms vary depending on the underlying disease or disorder.  Usually, symptoms that may affect the throat also affect other parts of the body.  If the throat dryness is chronic or constant, it is a good idea to visit your healthcare provider in order to know what could be causing the problem.  The symptoms accompanying the dry sore throat will help the physician arrive at the accurate diagnosis.

What Causes Dry Throat?

As mentioned above, there are different causes of dry throat and along with them come different dry throat symptoms:

Respiratory Infection.  A dry and swollen throat can be caused by respiratory infections.  When the problem is related to this body system, dryness may be accompanied by other symptoms which include cough, tightness in throat, difficulty breathing, hoarse voice, pain with swallowing, white patches covering the tonsils or pus in throat.

throat-symptomsProblem with the Digestive System.  If there is a problem with the digestive system, the sore dry throat will be accompanied by heartburn, difficulty swallowing and vomiting.  An example of a digestive problem which could cause throat dryness is GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease.  With this condition, the stomach regurgitates the food back into the esophagus.  This disrupts the natural state of the throat.

Problem with other body systems.  The following symptoms appear if throat dryness is related to a problem with the immune system or circulatory system:  blurred vision, enlarged lymph nodes, general malaise, body aches, difficulty swallowing, fatigue, fever, chills and hypotension.

Generally, dry throat symptoms indicate relatively simple causes.  For instance, dry throat at night results when a person sleeps with his mouth open or breathes through his mouth.  However, there are instances when the dryness indicates a serious condition.  This is when it is accompanied by fever or pus in the throat.  These two symptoms indicate a fairly serious condition which requires medical intervention.

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