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What Causes Dry Throat at Night?

Many people complain of very dry throat at night.  This condition affects many people around the globe.  However, there are many possible causes for this problem.  Causes vary from one person to another.  These causes may be independent or may be just one of the many symptoms of an even bigger underlying medical problem.   Often than not, having a dry throat at night is a result of the inflammation of the throat’s inner linings.  Regardless of the cause, this problem disrupts sleep, leaving the person suffering from it tired and sleepy the next day.

My Throat is Dry at Night.  What Can Be Causing This?

Dry throat causes vary from one person to another.  However, here are a few things that could cause dry mouth and throat at night:

  1. Nasal Congestion.  Dry throat coughing at night can be caused by nasal congestion.  A person suffering from this problem often breathes through his mouth while sleeping.  Unfortunately, this irritates the throat which causes throat dryness.   It is important that the nasal passages are cleared and swelling is reduced if one wants to breathe through his nose.  Inhaling steam before sleeping will help do the trick.
  2. Coughing.  Dry throat cough is the result of bouts of coughing when one is lying down.  The throat becomes very dry and itchy.  Experts suggest gargling with warm salty water before sleeping to help with the cough.
  3. Sinusitis.  Dry throat when sleeping may also be caused by sinusitis.  The condition may also be accompanied by other symptoms like headache, nasal discharge, painful cheeks and jaws as well as pain between the eyes.  Usually, the condition is worst at night especially when one is sleeping.  Since it is a type of infection, this can be cured by antibiotics.
  4. Allergy.  Dry nose and throat can also result from allergy attacks which can be triggered by allergens.  Some people are allergic to certain types of foods.  There are others who suffer from seasonal allergies.  A person who comes in contact with something he is allergic to during the day may experience throat dryness during the night.  The dry throat remedy for this is to avoid possible allergy triggers.
  5. Pollution.  Dry throat at night can also be caused by air pollution. Inhaling a lot of smoke and pollution get irritate and inflamed the throat.  A person suffering from dry throat should avoid smoking or cease smoking altogether.  Passive smoking can also be a culprit.  In fact, this can be more injurious than actual smoking.
  6. GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease.  This is also known as acid reflux disease.  This is one of the major causes of dry throat at night.  People suffering from this condition usually have their stomach fluids moving up into their esophagus.  This irritates the throat, so people suffering from GERD usually suffer from throat dryness as well.  Since this is just one of the symptoms of GERD, the dryness is also accompanied by other symptoms including difficulty swallowing, heartburn and burning sensation in the throat.  Natural remedies are best for this type of problem.  Drinking lots of water will help.

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